Education Required to Be a Geologist

Geology as a science includes studies of the earth’s structure, composition, and history. Students, who major in geology, apply knowledge of many various disciplines of geological sciences to locate minerals, oil, groundwater, and other natural resources. Geology education allow person to take an important place in preserving and cleaning environment. Specialist in geology can be a consultant to the government and construction firms on highway planning, construction sites. Also geologists can take a job in the field of the planning of geological reports, diagrams and maps.

Most petroleum and economic geologists supervise exploration work at a large variety of different objects  -  land forms, mountains, deserts, riverbeds, ocean floors, etc. Scientific study and research is usually carried out by organisations intensely involved in geological work. This type of work involves location of physical material and data by drilling boreholes to obtain samples for studying materials which were found on or near the earth’s surface and in the ocean. Geologists analyse data collected with help of seismic prospecting.

Geology Education

Geology Education

Seismic prospecting involves deflecting sound waves off deep rock layers; examine rocks on surface and samples of rocks which are buried, analyze information and data, which is collected by satellites. Geologists identify minerals, rocks, and fossils, conduct geological surveys, construct maps and use instruments such as the magnetometer and gravimeter to measure the planet’s magnetic field and gravitation. A very important application of geological research is the location of natural gas, oil and minerals.

Geologists also spend a large amount of time in the laboratory for conducting research. This kind of research involves the analysis of samples from the sea or earth bed. Fossils, rocks, soil are some samples which are studied. Data about research objects is analysed and compiled; also  reports are prepared. Geologists also study and analyze the flow of water and oil through rocks.

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