Masters Degrees in Archaeology and Anthropology

Online Degree in Archaeology is gaining popularity among students of online courses these days. Education and training requirements are different for different kinds of archaeology. In the U.S. anthropology departments include archaeology as one of 4 subdisciplines. They include physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

If you want to study ancient or classical civilizations (including the Near East, Egypt, early civilizations of the Mediterranean, classical Greece and Rome, and the early civilizations of India, China, and southeast Asia), you should take part in interdisciplinary programs that include:

  • Ccourses in art
  • Architecture
  • Classics
  • History
  • Ancient and modern languages
  • Theology

However, if you wish to study the historical periods (from the fall of Rome to the present), then you should combine history (including archival and oral history research) with courses in historical and vernacular architecture, material culture and folklore, and archaeology.

delphi_archaeologyDuring your studies at the undergraduate level there is usually little specialization. A major in anthropology requires courses in all of the subdisciplines. If you are interested in ancient and classical civilizations, the particular undergraduate major is not important. However, it is advantageous to begin learning several ancient and modern languages.

As a rule, historical archaeologists major in anthropology or history. You’ll need to have an undergraduate degree (B.A./B.S.) to work as a field archaeologist in the U.S. and to perform basic laboratory studies. Previous experience is often required. You can get it through participation in an archaeological field school or as a volunteer.

Graduate Training in Archaeology

There are 2 levels of graduate training in archaeology. The first is an M.A. or M.S. degree. It usually takes about 1-2 years of course work beyond the B.A./B.S. degree and a written thesis which presents the results of original research by the student. There are also some programs that offer a non-thesis M.A. degree. If you are planning to work immediately on a Ph.D. degree, the preparation of a thesis is an important part of the educational process.

An M.A./M.S. would be enough to direct field crews and is sufficient for many government positions in archaeology. It is also sufficient to work in the private sector, to teach in a community college, and to work for some museums. An M.A./M.S. with a thesis and a year of field and laboratory experience is the minimum for certification by the Society of Professional Archeologists.

The second graduate degree is the Ph.D. This degree is required to teach in a college or university or hold a museum curatorship. It’s very important to underline that the Ph.D. degree requires 2-3 years of courses beyond the M.A. This degree also requires the successful preparation and oral defense of a dissertation containing original research in your chosen specialization within the field of archaeology. Some graduate programs offer streamlined tracks for students with a B.A. degree so that they work directly toward a Ph.D. while others require an M.A. degree first.

Nowadays there are 36 colleges and universities that offer archaeology degree programs in the US. They offer both forensic archaeology and historical archaeology.

Schools with Archaeology Degree Programs

The following is the list of colleges and universities in the USA that offer archaeology degree programs.
-University of Phoenix (Southern California,San Diego,and Central Valley)
-Colorado Technical University
-Ellis College of NYIT
-Iona College
-NYU SCPS – McGhee
-Baylor University
-Boston University
-Bowdoin College
-Bridgewater State College
-Brown University
-Bryn Mawr College
-Cabrillo College
-Cornell University
-Cuny Hunter College
-Fresno City College
-George Washington University
-Haverford College
-Indiana University-Bloomington
-Michigan Technological University
-New York University
-Norwalk Community College
-Oberlin College
-Palomar College
-Pima Community College
-Saint Marys College Of California
-Texas A & M University
-The College Of Wooster
-The University Of Texas At Austin
-Tufts University
-University Of California-Los Angeles
-University Of Evansville
-University Of Missouri-Columbia
- University Of Pennsylvania
-University Of South Carolina-Columbia
-University Of Wisconsin-La Crosse
-Wartburg College
-Washington University In St Louis
-Wesleyan University
-Western Washington University
-Wheaton College
-Yale University

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